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Experience is the best teacher


Andy Lewis, CEO, Lewis brings extensive technology leadership experience from more than 25 years with companies such as Visa, EMC, Barclays Bank, Lloyds TSB and Galileo International. He believes in challenging the norm where needed and leading the charge to make the world of the IT Department more effective. As the founder of Paragon Solutions Group, Lewis wanted to address the pressing needs of the IT Department; enabling great teams to achieve great things and deliver great results. He has built a team of proven professionals who can help IT organizations focus to achieve their success.

Lewis served as CTO and Senior Vice President/Head of Global Engineering for Visa where he managed all aspects of transforming their global IT along with the IT fiduciary responsibilities of infrastructure and personnel. Lewis later was integral to EMC’s office of the CIO where he served as the CTO/CIO for the western region. Bio – Andy Lewis 2021

Adam Mendlik, CTO, Mendlik manages and deploys Paragon’s software solutions that are disruptive and intriguing to our customers ensuring that we have first hand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Mendlik heads up Paragon’s ‘Cloud and Technology Enablement’ pillar. In this role he demonstrates to clients how key technologies can be deployed and integrated in an agile manner.

As an IT automation and orchestration specialist, Mendlik has designed and developed some of the most innovative technology management solutions in the industry.

Mendlik is able to quickly assess the technical capabilities of an organization. He has used these skills to plan and manage dozens of datacenter relocations and cloud migrations.  Bio – Adam Mendlik 2021

Penny Smith, Lead Business Management Consultant Smith is a proven IT business leader who provides key insight to allow IT leaders to be more successful. She is known for her deep analytical skills and lighthearted creativity.

Smith brought the emerging technology business management function and disciplines to Charles Schwab as a key method to improve internal processes, increase efficiency and innovative new ways of working. She led the technology transformation introducing agile, operational excellence, audit and compliance discipline and cloud adoption to Schwab. 

At Paragon, Smith uses these skills to prepare and enable our clients to clearly relate to the business; articulating expectations for delivery and execution of solutions.  Bio – Penny Smith 2021

Steve Chartrand, Cloud Consulting Services – Sales  Chartrand has over 25 years of customer engagement experience in the Information Technology sector (SMB, Enterprise, Strategic Partners, Multiple Industry Verticals), highlighted by an 18-year career with Hewlett-Packard.

Chartrand is a strategic thinker with an extensive track record of pioneering new approaches, expanding business reach with customers, anticipating where the market is headed, and helping businesses achieve better outcomes.

Chartrand’s passion for customers:  it is about making customers more successful, building relationships by doing the right thing with teamwork, and focusing on the long-term even when it is not the easiest path.  He believes that by engaging with his customer’s business in a partnering approach, the mutual businesses will grow better. Bio – Steve-Chartrand_2021

Nick Taylor, Operations and Infrastructure Consultant Taylor is an accomplished Information Technology executive with an engineering background. He brings over 25 years of international experience (UK, USA, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France) at companies such as Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS), NatWest Markets (now RBS), British Telecom (BT), Qwest, Level 3 Communications, Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) and Envision Healthcare.

Taylor specializes in IT Operations and Infrastructure. As well as stabilizing and fixing neglected infrastructure and improving reliability and time to fix, he also focuses on organizational and staffing issues to build right-sized and fit-for-purpose teams resulting in cost-effective IT operations.

His executive experience at the CTO/SVP Operations/VP of Engineering has given him cross-industry insight. Bio – Nick Taylor 2021

Bill Irvine, IT Service Management Practice Lead Irvine is a proven and experienced process management expert specializing in IT Service and Business Management. His breadth and depth in the ‘business of IT’ allows him to consider how to address the big picture approach to optimizing IT management.

Irvine has spent many years as an IT practitioner and leader in a variety of industries including service management, consulting services, software solutions, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare.

Irvine directly collaborates with industry CIOs and Senior IT Executives to transform and grow their IT business value through the development of optimized and operationalized service provider capabilities, competencies and planning for the associated cultural evolution.  Bio – Bill Irvine 2021

Scott Piper, Consultant Piper is a senior technical executive with 25 plus years of experience. He works with business leaders to help them identify areas within their departments that can benefit from leading edge solutions to better drive profits and efficiencies.

Piper has demonstrated success in the areas of technology automation, process improvement, delivering IT as a service, and DEVOPS (development operations through automation). All of these efforts have driven positive business outcomes in the form of efficiencies, quality and predictability in IT practices. Bio – Scott Piper 2021

Tracy Hassman, IT Business Management Lead and Senior Consultant With extensive experience on both vendor sales and client asset management, Hassman understands the potential opportunities to optimize the alignment of vendors with clients.

Hassman brings wide-ranging Information Technology (IT) Vendor, Asset and Service Management and Financial Management experience and leads Paragon’s efforts in these areas.

Hassman’s proven approaches enable companies to take a progressive approach to solidify their practices which result in operational efficiencies: decreased IT spend, repeatable best practices and reduced risks.  Bio – Tracy Hassman 2021

Barry Hubbard, Principal Consultant Barry is a retired Naval Officer, retiring as the CIO for the Submarine Force in the Pacific Fleet after 24 years sailing Submarines around the globe.

Hubbard specializes in Infrastructure and Design with a focus on Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Networks, Systems and Storage.

Barry has worked providing senior leadership while building significant relationships and records of success as emerging industries developed and blossomed technologically.

Barry holds a BS from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and an MS in MIS Management from the US Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA.  Bio – Barry Hubbard 2021

Animesh Mukherjee, IT Metrics Practice Lead. Animesh is an experienced IT operations and process management expert specializing in IT Service and Business Management. His diverse knowledge in product design and development through to IT operations of different sizes allows him to choose the appropriate approach for each client.

Through work in various start-ups and then at Visa and FIS, Animesh has experience in tooling and transforming IT services to achieve greater client satisfaction, meet strategic goals and optimize IT maturity while controlling costs. With a focus on data-driven decision making, he has built metrics programs that have underwritten significant process improvement, automation and cost savings. Animesh has always had a strong relationship with the business to ensure alignment with the organization’s strategic and business goals while making recommendations for strategic & technical improvements to IT service provision and fulfillment.

Animesh has spent many years as a developer, ITSM practitioner and executive in a variety of industries including e-commerce, consulting services, software solutions, banking, payments and manufacturing. He has a diverse global experience having lived, studied and worked in the Caribbean, India, UK, Germany, US and the former Soviet Union.

Animesh directly collaborates with industry CIOs and Senior IT Executives to transform and grow their IT business value through the development of an IT metrics program that bring about a culture of data-driven decision making. Bio – Animesh Mukherjee 2021.