IT Service Management

Efficiency Drives Outcomes

Predictability is a good thing.  Part of creating frictionless engagements is ensuring high-quality and consistent Interactions with your stakeholders.  What that looks like can vary widely based on the stage of your company and the maturity of your IT operations.   Using light and structured methodologies to assess where you are and then adopting Service Management frameworks to get you to where you want to be, is the key to greater efficiencies – and consistently good outcomes.


  • Baseline and measure your improvements
  • Integrate ITBM, ITOM and ITSM practices via data utilization to reduce risk and improve efficiency
  • Distribute process management ownership for fresh perspectives and greater buy-in
  • Stakeholders will align with the processes if they are easy and address defined needs
  • Too much process too soon, will bog you down
ITSM Assessment

We work with IT organizations and their Service Management stakeholders to help better understand service orientation, process alignment, capability development and engagement standards, along with service reporting and accountability – and that means measurement. Only by measuring can you know the strengths and weaknesses of your IT organizaiton so both you and your stakeholders know that IT is meeting their needs. When you know what is and isn’t working, you can improve how you engage, how you set realistic expecatations, how stakeholders request services, how those services are delivered, and how service status is effectively communicated. Knowledge is the superpower of transformational and organizational change.

ITSM Transformation
ITIL and Configuration Management

We challenge the perception that configuration management is cumbersome and difficult. Taking the right approach and having everyone speak the same language will avoid these pitfalls and position you for future successes – and that means examining data from the ITOM, ITBM and ITSM disciplines in the form of configuration management. Why it is often so difficult is that most vendors in this space typically only focus on one of the core disciplines. That is, ITSM solutions often lack the ability to combine and share data with IT Business Management and IT Operations systems.

Continual Service Improvement

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