IT Operations Management

Proactivity Generates Insights and Lowers Risk

It’s time to break the cycle.  Too often, IT Operations is reacting and just trying to “keep the lights on”.  So why then, all the buzz about “lights out” data centers?   Because remote monitoring and the data insights it produces can shed new light on old problems.  The kind of problems that persist and compound risk, when you keep looking at the same things.  Take a new approach.  If all your performance indicators are showing green but your customers are unhappy, start monitoring something else.  Don’t wait, take action.


  • If you have limited resources, check our customer’s lights first
  • When the lights go out, look for past events to find a pattern
  • Check to see if it is just your lights, or did your neighbors’ lights go out too
  • Look at how Service Level Management and Event Management lights interact
  • Combine data records in new ways to illuminate opportunities for improvement

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